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We are pleased that you have found us, and we hope that you will spend a few minutes reading the next few pages to learn more about us.

 We are a group of Christians living in the Eltham Park locality to the South East of London. We believe that Jesus loves us and is alive today! We believe that God is relevant to our daily living in this 21st century world, and we believe that we are responsible for proving this to our neighbourhood by sharing our faith, and by caring about the people around us.


 Parade Service

 We have a busy weekly schedule of activities offering something for all ages, from the youngest of children, through youth, and all ages right up to our valued Senior Citizens.

 We have tried to make our premises inviting – all our buildings have step-free access and we have easy access toilets equipped for disabled users.

We have a special seating area for wheelchair users and helpers.

We have a British Sign Language Level 3 interpreter at most of our main Sunday morning services (10.30am) and an induction loop system for hearing aid users.

We can provide large print paper printouts of song words, and all steps and stairs in the church have been highlighted with a wide yellow strip to assist people with a visual impairment.






We hope you will come and join us one Sunday soon - we would really appreciate your feedback on anything we could do to further improve our support and provisions.
On these pages you will find lots of information – please contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for.

 We own a minibus -
if you need to know more ...
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