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Diary and Whats On?

use this page to plan ahead!! This is our MAIN CHURCH DIARY - in the window below you can see our calendar of Church Events. You can use the scroll bar to look further ahead to future events. Click on any event to read more details about it.
The list is "living", and details may be updated and change. Be sure to contact us if you need to clarify details or need other information.

Please note - if you want to look at our MINIBUS revervations, you need to look in the MINIBUS DIARY.
If you are part of our Church and would like to reserve the premesis for a Special Event, correct an error, or update this diary, please use this link.
If you are an outside visitor, and would like to enquire about use of our premises, please begin by filling in this enquiry form and we will respond as soon as possible.

 Click to view the diary in large month view.

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