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Please send us some details about your requirements, and we will get in contact with you to sort out what we can do to help!

(Please check your date in our diary first - most of our events are listed there. Please note that we are very unlikely indeed to be able to offer any outside hire use of our premises on any Sunday due to our own activities, sorry!)

As a guide, hire charges are £40 per hour that you need use - so typically a two hours childrens birthday party will need three hours total hire use, and so will cost you £120. 

What is your event?                                         

What date?                                                     

what time? (start and finish)                              

Is your enquiry private or on behalf
of an organisation?                                           

Now we just need is to know a little more about you -

What is your name?                                          

What is you address?                                        

What is you email address?                                

What is your 'phone number?                              

Finally, please do tell us anything else that we need to know and have forgotten to ask!







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