Eltham Park Baptist Church

Faith to Share and Care

Minibus availability and hire


We own a 17 seat minibus, and use it for transport to and from events in connnection with the various organisations within our church.
If you are a local charitable organisation we may be able to support you by sharing our bus with you!

We operate the bus in a non-profit making manner, but we do aim to recover some of the running costs. We are very happy to negotiate, particularly on very short local or on very long distance hires, but you should expect to pay around £50 daily, plus diesel.

We want our bus to be used, and we want to work with like-minded groups in our area, so please do contact us if you think we can help you.

Please check out the Minibus diary to see when the bus is reserved ....
Read this information to see if you are an eligible driver ...
... and use this form to contact me about a booking enquiry.


  • 32a Westmount Road
  • Eltham
  • SE9 1JE

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