Eltham Park Baptist Church

Faith to Share and Care


If you would like us to pray for you, we would be delighted to do so!

We run a Network within our congregation across which we share prayer topics. This is how to get your request broadcast on that network:

If you are a part of our congregation already, please feel welcome to call the PrayerNet telephone directly. Someone will usually be available to talk to you and pray with you if you wish. There is a voicemail service, and so you can leave a message if your call cannot be taken. Please ask to be called back if that is what you wish.

If you have lost the telephone number - please just write in using the form below and we will get it to you.

You can TXT your prayer requests to the PrayerNet phone too - it is the same number.

If you want to send us your prayer request right now, or need us to send you the phone number, please use the form below. Please do not forget to identify yourself and give us contact details if you want us to respond to you.

 My name is:                          

Please contact me by phone:

or by email:                           

My request is:



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